Event Schedule

WOW.  When we rescheduled this race back in March, we didn't know how much time and effort it was going to take to get this race approved.  We did not get final approval to hold the race until the evening of Oct. 22.  We are working hard to get everything lined up before race day.  Please forgive us if all the details are not ironed out when you are looking for them.  It is much easier to plan a race 6 months in advance compared to a little over 2 weeks.
We promised the Ottawa County health department that we will take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Precautions include wearing of masks aboard the train, wearing a mask at the start line, separating 6 feet at the start line and have staggered wave starts.  We are also paying to have the train professionally cleaned after every trip.  Please respect these requests so we can have the race this year and in future years.  Thank you for your co-operation.
Saturday, November 7, RACE DAY
As of Oct. 26, we are still working on parking logistics in Marne.  We currently have 2 parking options. 
The first parking location is the Marne United Methodist Church located at 14861 Washington St. in Marne.
The second parking location is just east of Awards Plus on Franklin Street.  The address for Awards Plus is 1371 Franklin St. in Marne.  You may park in the grass on the north side of Franklin closest to the railroad.  This is actually where the train will be picking up runners and where packet pickup is going to be.  We are working on transporting runners that park at the church over to where the train is boarding.  The finish is most likely going to be in downtown Marne, south of I-96.  
Packet pickup 2020
Packet pickup will be open from 8 AM to 12 PM just north of Awards Plus, 1371 Franklin St. in Marne.  If you are driving to the start, please check in 1 hour early.  Please wear masks when interacting with volunteers, on the train and at the starting location.  There will be a portable toilet at packet pickup.

Train boarding and departure
Train boarding for up to 60 runners will happen 15 minutes prior to the train departure.  Those registered for the 9 am train ride will begin boarding at 8:45 am.  Subsequent boarding times at 9:45 am for the 10 am departure, 10:45 am for the 11 am departure and 11:45 am for the 12 PM departure.  Your temperature will be taken and your name will be validated before you can board the train.  There will only be 15 runners per train car.
Driving to the start?
The start is near 32nd Ave and Arthur.  Type in the address 15519 32nd Ave in Coopersville and it will get you to the starting location.  There is no good parking on this road so please arrange to be dropped off by someone.  Trains depart on the hour and races will start on the half hour.  So the 9 am train leaves Marne at 9 am, arrives at 9:15 am, with the race starting at 9:30.  Please plan accordingly.
Start your engines
The start will be a chip start as runners are going to be separated by 6ft.  Runners will be lined up by estimated finish time and runner positions will be marked by a yellow X on the ground.  Each X will separate runners by at least a distance of 6 feet.   There will be pace signs posted on the side of the road.  Please wear masks while at the starting line.
Because we have to split up our race into 4 races, we are only handing out awards after the 4th race, most likely around 1:30 PM.  There will be no formal awards ceremony.  If you cannot wait to pickup your award at 1:30, you may pick them up at Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids the week after the race.